“We Have the Government We Deserve”

By our Actions and Inactions.

Constitutional Conservative, Freedom, Individual Rights.

I have spent my life taking a oath to uphold our constitution and what it stands for. The oath never came with an expiration date. I will continue upholding our constitution and our way of life with every fiber of my being until the day I leave this world.

Our government was formed for the primary purpose to pool community resources for the benefit for all community members equally. Our government was NOT formed to rule or dictate to us. Our ancestors bravery fought the rule and dictatorship of King George III of England. Throughout history Americans have stood against tyranny wherever it lives.
The Declaration of Independence which gives us “WE THE PEOPLE” the power over our government. “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”.
Our Declaration of Independence is the founding document of our first Articles of Confederation (1777) and our second current document The Constitution of the United States.
ALL government employees hired, elected, or appointed serve at the pleasure of those governed, thus the term public servant.

Michigan Constitution

Articles of our constitution state duties and responsibilities of each branch of our government.
Basic explanation on the responsibilities of our three branches.

The Governor is responsible to effectively and efficiently run the executive branch to uphold all the laws enacted by the legislative branch. They do NOT create laws.

State Senators and Representatives (legislative branch) are responsible to create laws to ensure every citizen has the opportunity improve their quality of life. They should NOT create laws to control or dictate how we live.

The Supreme Court Justices (judicial branch) are responsible to ensure laws enacted by the legislative branch and executive orders/policies by the executive branch are constitutional.

I have witnessed three forms of government leaders philosophies with primary focus on

1. Generating revenue from community members.

2. Improving quality of life and using generated revenues efficiently.

3. Generating revenue while improving quality of life.

Some think three is the best philosophy, why, funds are required to get anything done. While three works okay it is not the most effective.

Want to see a community stagnant or fail, have your government leaders focus be on generating revenue from community members. I have witnessed people leaving their community, try generating revenue from a member that left.

When local government leaders focus on improving quality of life equally, the community has been the most lucrative. The community becomes more productive, in turn generates more revenue. Don’t believe me, live in a community where government leaders focus on quality of life issues. Their leaders actually look at generating revenue through efficiency more then from the people. Ever wonder how some states have no sales tax and lower income taxes?

Our commissioners have the responsibility to use community resources to generate more revenue to improve quality of life for everyone equally. This has not been happening in Muskegon.

Want a change, vote for someone that has the skillsets and knowledge to do the job.

Look at the statement one of our sitting commissioner’s emailed me directly
We have the community we deserve by electing individuals that don’t know how to govern or have knowledge to do so efficiently. Vote for Dirk Chilcote for your next Muskegon County Commissioner District 6.

My philosophy has evolved by living a full life observing, learning, questioning, and experiencing life within communities around our nation and the world. One common theme people hope for is to have the ability to improve their quality of life.

We should expect and hold our government officials accountable to do their job to improve the quality of life equally for all as outlined within our great nation’s and state’s founding documents.

Most people are tired of politicians focusing on specific special interest groups in hopes to advance their own personal political agenda. The only special interest group I will support is us the PEOPLE.

When a government solution uses community resources that doesn’t equally benefit all it is NOT a viable solution.

Know the person you are voting for; will they look for root causes and provide viable sustainable solutions.

We deserve the government we have, know the person you Vote for, Dirk Chilcote.

Eyes, Ears, and VOICE

I’m asking YOU to let me be YOUR Eyes, Ears and Voice within our County Commission.


As a concerned community member I will hold our government officials accountable and responsible for their actions.

Every community member has the responsibility to ensure public officials are held accountable.

When elected I expect YOU to hold me, Dirk Chilcote, accountable for the decisions I make on YOUR behalf.


I want to hear, really listen to UNDERSTAND, not refute, your needs to improve YOUR quality of life within Muskegon County.

I’m Your vessel, a container to bring your views and opinions before the County Commission.


The main reason we have commissioners is to convey your VOICE to the County Commission.

Only YOU know what you need to improve your quality of life, I’m here to listen and take action.

What is the most important item to YOU that the county commission could/should do to improve the quality of life for every person in our community?

Thank you for being a concerned citizen and reading my long winded philosophy page. Hopefully you have gained insight to what I stand and fight for. Please share your thoughts with members of our community and with me.