Why YOU need to take action NOW

Our commissioners want to do a good job for our community, I believe this to be true. They just lack the leadership and knowledge required to run our government effectively to move us forward.
During a full commissioner meeting the commissioners voted 8 to 1 on a non-agenda item involving a contract proposal without doing due diligence.

I emailed the commissioners and below was a response I received from a current commissioner.

Thank you very much for you letter. I have forwarded it to administration and our corporate council. Sadly the county commission, myself included is seated not for our vast knowledge and ability to govern, but our popularity in the community and at the polls. In real life a business run this way rarely succeeds.”

Now we all know a reason why our community has failed and stagnant over the last 40 years

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“We Have the Government We Deserve” by our actions and inactions.

This one very important reason why I’m running to be your Muskegon County Commissioner.

Don’t let your inaction continue hurting our community, I require your support and Your Vote during the August primaries and in the November Election.

Write in Dirk Chilcote as your Republican Candidate

Vote for Dirk Chilcote a leader with vision and experience