Dirk Chilcote


Muskegon County Commissioner

District #6

Please take the time to know who is seeking public office.

If you believe I am the best choice write in Dirk Chilcote as your republican candidate.

“Visionary leader dedicated to improving quality of life for those in our community”

Our children leave our community in hopes of improving their quality of life. Over the last 40 years we have lost well paying industrial jobs without being replaced with better or comparable jobs. Muskegon County’s average poverty has been increasing and is now at 13.5% which is approximately 3% higher than national average. 


Dirk has been formally trained as a leader throughout his multiple careers. Promoted to the top 7% of a 350k diverse workforce. Dirk believes in leading by example.


Dirk has lived in diverse communities throughout our nation experiencing what works and what doesn’t work to ensure a community has opportunities to prosper.


Service before self is not just a saying to Dirk, it is his core value.
Dirk has always challenged wasteful government spending habits throughout his 31 years as a federal public servant, even risking his own career.

Why I decided to seek public office

  • It is our responsibility to ensure we provide a free society for future generations.
  • Other communities with less resources prosper while Muskegon struggles.
  • A passion to build a better future for all members in our county.
  • Desire to provide focus with vision to improve quality of life for everyone equally.
  • Provide a voice for all members of our community.
  • Use skills that made me successful in multiple career positions to serve our community.
  • Address current & future issues facing our community, use of specific generated revenue.
  • Local government requires a more proactive than reactive approach to root issues.

I returned to my hometown to enjoy my community, friends, and family. While reuniting with my childhood community, a very nagging question appeared.

Why is Muskegon struggling while other communities I’ve lived in with less resources prospered?

The more I learned about our local government the answer became clear.

Why vote for me (Dirk Chilcote) over the other candidates. I have 31 yrs as a federal servant, working within the system is excellent teacher. Promoted to the top 7% of a 350k extremely diverse workforce, retired from the United States Air Force. The motto was “Do More With Less” through total quality management. I learned several disciplines that will serve us well as your commissioner. Structural Airframe, Leadership, Quality Assurance, Contracting, Logistics, Hazardous Materials, Federal Acquisition Regulations. Served in the Department of Interior NPS Grand Canyon and Department of Treasury US Mint San Francisco in the computer science information technology field. I’ve lived around our nation and world; I know what works and doesn’t work to have a prosperous community. After you learn more about the type of commissioner I will be. Please write in my name during the 2 August 2022 primary election as your Republican candidate.

What does a County Commissioner do?

This question comes up a lot when people find out I’m running for office.
My short answer.

A county commissioner is responsible to ensure community resources are used in an effective and efficient manner to benefits all members of their community equally. They do this by leading and managing all government activities within their county. They are responsible to do their due diligence to safeguard all community resources.

If want to know the long version follow the link below.
A 28 page ACT to define the powers and duties of the county boards of commissioners of the several counties, and to confer upon them certain local, administrative and legislative powers; and to prescribe penalties for the violation of the provisions of this act.

I have requested the Muskegon County Commission Charter and Bylaws from the Muskegon County Clerks office. The only documentation that could be considered close to these two documents is found here,


When a commissioner is performing their duties, as a minimum they should ask the following questions.

Will the use of resources help reduce poverty within our community?

Will the use of resources equally benefit all members of our community efficiently?

Will the use of resourses help realize our community’s vision effectively with efficiency?
Is the action legal, constitutional, and does it safeguard community resources from any litigation?

Muskegon Lake, Michigan looking downtown, if you like to fish you may be able to guess what I was doing before taking this picture.

Still here reading

Thank you for being a concerned member of our community.

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